1. A beautiful morning last winter, 2. Sipping on a cider among the rooftops, 3. Mushroom picking in Hedemora's forests

1. Read The Notebook in the Philippines, 2. A tasty brunch on the first morning of 2013, 3. Me and my little brother when we were little

1. Summer legs, 2. Our summer home, best place on earth, 3. A midsummer kiss

1. New Years Eve, 2. Relaxing by the pool in Tuscany, 3. Brought home some roses and lilys

1. A night i Egypt, 2. Eating fish and chips in Marstrand, 3. The view from our room in the Philippines

1. Toast Skagen on the patio, 2. Cherry blossom in London, 3. Just a ordinary day in the Philippines

1. Candle lights, 2. Love melon, 3. Me and two of my best friends

1. The keys to my first apartment, 2. Mother-daughter-time in Italy, 3. My love

1. Getting ready for partyyy, 2. It's just ridiculous that I took this picture with my phone. Amazing morning! 3. My outfit at Summerburst

1. Sunset on the Swedish West Coast, 2. Raspberries, 3. Easter feathers

1. A Fanny that's baking (that never happens), 2. Tea-heaven, 3. Burgers by the pool in Egypt

1. Crayfish from Gothenburg, 2. I love this top, 3. Crepes in Notting Hill



rastberries? =)
Haha där gick det lite för fort!
Älskar din insta 😊
underbara bilder!
oh wow there are some really nice snapshots ! xx
Härliga bilder! 😊
Superfina bilder! På söndag flyttar jag till New York, följ gärna med via min blogg kram! 😊